Hello all,

I have problems with functionality that was already there in 9.04 and became inaccessible for me after upgrading to 10.04.

Luks-encrypted partitions on USB disks are no longer recognized by the system as they have been and I keep having to mount them manually. Previously they were automatically detected and even mounted if a key was found in the keyring.

Also, Network-Manager keeps ignoring my Huawei E160 surf stick even though this is a pretty common model and worked like a charm in NM before the upgrade. The stick is properly initialized by the kernel and I can manually access it via ttyUSB0 or use it via wvdial. However, using it with network-manager was so much more convenient and I just wonder why it keeps getting ignored.

I already filed bugs on launchpad for both of the issues, however that was almost a month ago and noone seems to bother making at least suggestions or asking for more info.

Maybe someone here can give me hints on where to look for the problems so that I can make some of my most-used features work well again.

Thank you!