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I am interested in utilizing the Blackmagic Intensity Pro as well. I currently need component capture abilities; however, I feel the HDMI input will come in handy as well with future shooting. I've used Cinellera a bit and enjoy some of it's features. I wish I could know ahead of time which products will work with this card. If us as a Linux community can get this card well integrated with Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio, we will have made the final huge step to considering Ubuntu as an un-compromising alternative to proprietary Apple and Windows based products. True professional video editing/finishing will be the last leg of the "Linux as a production solution" rise to popularity.
Autodesk Smoke has been running on Linux for years and is the pinnacle of video editing, allthough very specific on it's host OS Linux flavor and hardware specs. Having this Intensity Pro card fully integrated into professional editing available for any Linux flavor would give any professional absolutely no reason to look anywhere else.

I became excited when I learned Linux was supported as noted on the Blackmagic website for the Intensity Pro. I was a bit less excited when I've been reading mixed reviews on the card's actual integration with available editing applications.
If anyone has any first hand experience with this card, I would love to know how it all has went. I'm trying to collect several data points while planning my system build.
If you don't mind using the included "Media Express" package from Black Magic then it works, though it won't directly integrate with anything else in Linux. I was pretty disappointed to find out it didn't support GStreamer framework out of the box. The plugin to use the card with GStreamer from that Media Magic company will cost more than half what the card itself costs.