Right,Progress.... 1 & 2 now run with no errors and the tablet is recognised and has some functionality.

I am a little confused by... '3)configuration.'

Here is what I think I am being asked to do, please correct me otherwise.

1)replace 10-wacom.conf with the 50-wacom.conf from http://linuxwacom.git.sourceforge.ne...m.conf;hb=HEAD

2)download and extract your script, rename, move and chmod it. etc etc.

and from there,after a reboot, I should have enhanced functionality ?

do I need to edit the script before using it or do I play with it later (if at all ?) ?

I have a Bamboo Fun (CTH661) and xinput --list seems to match the script for id's though not the lines in blue.(yeah, no experience with scripts at all)

Cheers, Bob.