Dear all.
I needs you help for implementing MD5 Keys Authentication on NTP.conf , so far i've been searching in the net arround 2 weeks and can't see any hint's.

FYI, my server running on Lucid and willing to take a Stratum-1 NTP from OSA5225 Time Node, with md5 Authentications. The Keys that listed on OSA5225 are :
1 M Bedugul
2 M Rojaks
3 M Sheets
4 M Complaints
5 M Monitor
6 M Desk1

So Far the OSA5255 working fine with NTP Server that running on another Router Cisco2811.
But due to regulations, i need to move NTP Server from Cisco Router to Unix/Linux Server.

I'm very appreciate, if u guys can help me to solving the problem.