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Thread: system76 processor?

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    system76 processor?

    okay so i was looking into buying a nice system 76 laptop...(if you like something better PLEASE let me know) and i was checking up on it.....ummm correct me if i'm wrong but there's no dual or quad core processor??
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    Re: system76 processor?

    All of our current systems come with dual-core processors or better.

    The Atom (Edubook and NetTop) is dual-core, hyper-threaded for four total cores.

    The i5's and i7-620M's used in the Pangolin, Bonobo, and Serval are dual-core, hyper-threaded for four total threads.

    The Core 2 Duo in the Lemur is Dual-Core.

    The Higher end i7's in the laptops are all quad-core, hyper-threaded for eight total threads.

    The i3's and i5's in the desktops are all dual-core with hyper-threading.

    The i7's in the desktops are quad-core, hyper-threaded.

    The Pentium available in the Ratel is Dual-core.

    Hope this helps out!
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