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Thread: Triple boot rEFIt menu problem...

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    Question Triple boot rEFIt menu problem...

    I recently finished installing a triple boot on my iMac with Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 and Karmic Koala. I am using rEFIt as my boot menu. When I was installing Ubuntu, I accidently set the wrong partition to boot from (I set it to boot from the rEFIt partition). I went in and reinstalled to boot from the correct partition and Ubuntu works fine now. My problem however, is that now there are two menu items in rEFIt for Ubuntu. One to boot Ubuntu from EFI (which doesn't work obviously) and one to boot from Partition 4 (the correct Ubuntu partition).

    My question is, does anyone know how to remove this extra entry from my rEFIt boot menu?

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    Re: Triple boot rEFIt menu problem...

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