So my hard drive recently began the downward spiral towards failure. A new one is coming in the mail. In the mean time, I'm homeless at my own workstation (get the pun? without a /home to save settings to, I can't settle down into a LiveCD ).

Anyway, in the time between now and delivery of the new Hard Drive, I would like some help setting up a persistent Live USB. I managed to go through community ubuntu documentation on this and I am currently writing my second LiveUSB with the Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit image.

(I run 64 bit, but I do not know if I should be using the 32 bit image. I'm trying this because the 64 bit image of 9.10 has a strange error).
When I booted the liveUSB made from 9.10 64bit, I had to manually start X and also, I noted that I did not have window decorations like a title bar and window management buttons I am so used to.
I would like to know why the LiveUSB starts me off in CLI mode, and also how do I get back my window decorations like title and menu bars. Thanks.