I have a weird problem, I installed Ubuntu to my computer and it worked fine, then I installed an upgrade and then all of a sudden my mouse stopped working properly on Ubuntu. It still to this day works fine on Windows, but for some reason it won't work properly on Ubuntu. I tried a live CD version of it, and also tried a live CD version of Knoppix and still the same issue.

What happens is I can move the mouse fine, but it doesn't seem to recognize my clicks in certain places. It's like sometimes it'll react to my click and others it won't I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to it. Right clicks seem to work properly more often but they still blink in and out of working too.

I have a regular old Compaq ball mouse (Model N3 Ball) the only thing I can think of is it's a PS/2 mouse but my computer only has one PS/2 slot (I'm wondering who the idiot was that thought that was a good idea) so I had to use a PS/2 to USB attachment to use it on my computer. But then why would it have worked fine up until the upgrade?

Anyway, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.