Hello, I am having problems accessing my files which I have stored on a backup partition. Here is the story. I had the latest version of Ubuntu installed 10.04, and it was giving me problems so I decided to downgrade to 9.10. Before doing a clean install of 9.10 I moved all of my files onto a backup partition I have which is ext3 type. After doing the clean install, some files in the backup drive have become inaccessible, while some of them still are. For example, I would open up the Pictures folder in the backup partition, I can open the folder named "fun" and view all of its contents, but I cannot open the folder named "Chelan 2009". There seems to be no apparent reason why one folder is allowed to be opened over the other. The folders which I cannot access have an X at the top right of the icon. When I try to open one of these folders I get the message "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of ""." I tried using
sudo cp -r
to copy the files onto my linux partition, but with no success. The folder gets copied, but still has an X on the icon, and is still inaccessible.

Any ideas on how to solve this would be great! I have many important files which I cannot access right now so please, any input is good.