This game is for advanced game enthusiasts who enjoy things that are simultaneously 'meta' and derivative. The rules are complicated and will be strictly enforced by the Audit Committee:

1. You must ban the user below you.
2. You must predict who that user will be.
3. You must bold exactly one word in your post.
4. The word you bold must be word-associated with the bold word in the previous person's post.
5. The next-to-last person to post in this thread when it is closed will be awarded a magnificent trophy (i.e., by posting, you are simultaneously awarding the trophy to the person who just banned you).
6. You will be given eleventeen points for correctly predicting who it is that you are banning, but you will lose seven points if your prediction is incorrect.

I will begin.

The person below me will be JayRobert, and is banned for posting twice just to ensure that he wins the trophy in case this thread dies immediately.