Hi Everybody

I have ubuntu 10.04 LTS and i did the finger print on my user behind the password , in the begining it was work good and no problems , but now i face some problems with it like :
1. my user does not accept the finger print or even the password from the first time .
2. it take a long time from entering a finger print or password to log in .
note : I did all the following in this website to set a finger print .
If you can help me , please do .

Finally , something else , I set my hotmail email on Evolution , and it loaded all of my emails which was at Inbox by mail.live.com to Evolution inbox . not only that , all of my incoming emails which was available at inbox in mail page mail.live.com were transfered to deleted mails and any new income email transfer directly to the Deleted . now and after a short time of setting Evolution , Evolution does not work so please help me to let Evolution work and to make my new incoming mail go to Inbox in mail.live.com NOT to deleted place .

Thank you