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Thread: Untar.gz Files

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    Untar.gz Files

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked many times before, but I am unable to untar the file gish153-1.tar.gz. I've tried the command lines that I've seen on the internet... tar xvfz gish153-1.tar.gz and -zxvpf gish153-1.tar.gz. I have never been able to untar anything on my computer and its starting to become inconvenient. Anything anybody can tell me about these files will help. Thx.

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    Re: Untar.gz Files

    If you check the man page for tar, and can puzzle it out, you will discover that the "-f" option wants an argument (the archive file), so if you are smooshing them all together, you have to put "f" last. Try tar -xvzf gish153-1.tar.gz.

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