BREAKTHROUGH: As some of us have begun to suspect, many of the bugs we're encountering are kernel related, this next tip seems to confirm those suspicions...

I just installed the latest kernel (as of this writing) from Daniel Hollocher's linux-ck ppa, and by doing so dropped my wakeups-from-idle per second to Hardy Heron levels! Most welcome of all, using this kernel seems to stop the jbd2 process from doing so many writes to the disk on ext4! I tested this out on my desktop and have yet to confirm on my eeepc (reinstalling as I write this message) but this looks to be a major breakthrough in getting performance to work again and getting idling to function on battery in a more sane way!

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Test ppa for packaging the ck patchset. See lp:#424927

To add this ppa:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chogydan/ppa && sudo apt-get update
To install:
sudo apt-get install linux-ck-generic linux-ck-headers-generic
To get help, please visit:
Make sure you edit grub to set the timer so you can be sure of selecting the right kernel at boot. Also bear in mind the need to redo the WiFi if you're using the Ralink drivers in the guide!

That's the good news. The bad news is I seem to be having issues getting the fan to run properly. Installing the kernel above brings all kinds of benefits in latency and in reducing wakes from idle, but it also makes the system behave strangely with regards to the i810 driver. Also. sensors doesn't seem to be automatically loading the coretemp modules unless you run the detection sequence and add it to modules. The fancontrol script doesn't seem to be doing much and the eeepc (like many many other mobile devices this release) runs hot burning my hands on the hand rest and making me fear for the life of the device if I keep trying to get Lucid to run on it.

Unless someone has good news for me I'm about to abandon ship for either Debian or rolling back to Hardy again...