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Thread: HOWTO: Install and use the latest FFmpeg and x264

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    Re: HOWTO: Install and use the latest FFmpeg and x264

    After much stress, I have written an ffmpeg progress indicator in Bash. It was a right pain in the ****, due to the way ffmpeg prints out its updates without the proper use of Carriage Returns.

    I have written it up here:


    I have now added an ETA indicator (in hours mins and seconds) to show how long there is left, as well as some better error checking to deal with how ffmpeg prints out its updates.
    I plan to convert it to Python, to make it more powerful and flexible and cross platform. As well add a GUI for those command-line hating types, it might even turn into YAFF (yet another ffmpeg frontend - which is what I'll call it once it is big enough).
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