Having signed the COC recently in launchpad, I am greatly concerned in the specific changes I need for my posting style.

I received a PM from cariboo907
Quote Originally Posted by cariboo907
This is the Ubuntu forums. Ubuntu's desktop of choice is gnome. Quit trying to promote KDE in every sub-forum. IF you have questions about KDE there is a forum dedicated to it called Kubuntu.
I thank cariboo for the notice. I shall stop stating to try KDE to beginners.
I shall also stop advising GNOME users, who have GNOME crashed to just get KDE working temporarily to get a temporary DE.

Am I also required to not mention KDE, Kubuntu in my signature.

Also you incorrectly mentioned about a Kubuntu forum. kubuntuforums.net is not an official forum (Maintained by a volunteer on his server) and has a very low activity.

Am I not allowed to ask any KDE related questions on this forum. (I noticed the presence of a Kubuntu tag and KDE tag for posting in support categories).

I also believed that ubuntuforums.org was an official forum for the Ubuntu project which comprises of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu and (soon) Lubuntu.

For this reason I believe the only change in my posting is
i. Mentioning KDE to current users of other DE's in posts.
ii.Advising users with crashed GNOME etc to install KDE as a temporary UI.

Am I supposed to not use the forum for KDE related questions and KDE related surveys in the CAFE as I believe cariboo stated?

Quoted from
Main Support Categories
"Choose the most appropriate category for your questions regarding ANY Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu release."

Kubuntu, KDE, Xubuntu, XFCE tags are present in the forum as predefined tags.

Therefore, am I supposed to change my posting style as mentioned above or completely quit mentioning KDE?