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Thread: Bluetooth Device Support

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    Smile Bluetooth Device Support

    Hi all, I am using ubuntu 9.1 on the asus eeepc 8g (desktop version not netbook version).
    I was looking for an easy way to transfer files between my nokia 6630 and my pc. The phone has a hot-swappable expansion card, mmc-rs, but that is too small to stick into the built in card reader (too risky in case it gets stuck)

    I was thinking of buying a usb bluetooth adapter.. Could anyone point me a way to figure out what devices are fully supported. I do want to save on cash as well btw

    I've found a couple of things on google shopping:
    Dynamode BT-USB-M2
    veho vb-2881

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    Re: Bluetooth Device Support

    on ubuntu 10.04 lynx, i use a bluetooth adaptor that cost me 3 euros, an i can send and receive files in mobiles (nokia 3110 and another nokia that i dont know what model is, but it is a low cost model too)
    i dont think you will have problems with any adaptor

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