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Thread: Please reactivate my account

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    Please reactivate my account

    In reference to:

    I would like my account ( reactivated as I believe my temporary hiatus has come to an end and I wish to rejoin the Ubuntu community forums.

    I've had to make this new account, as I couldn't seem to get ahold of the administrator personally that had deactivated my account per my request 3 weeks ago, and the Contact Us link feature is only available to registered members.

    After reactivating my account, you can get rid of this one. Thanks


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    Re: Please reactivate my account

    Please PM me :

    1. The name of the account you wish enabled.

    2. The email on the account in question.

    3. Your desired password. I need to set a temp password for you, you may change it once you log in.
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