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In Response to Bootup/Plymoth Instructions:

The commands will only work for Grub2, not legacy.
To install Grub2 before following the instructions on how to fix Plymoth screen.

sudo apt-get remove grub
sudo apt-get install grub-pc
sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo update-grub2
Then follow the instructions stated in the OP post.


Hope this helps.
Note that your instructions do not comply with those in the official Ubuntu Documentation > Community Documentation > Grub2 stating:
..allows the user to test GRUB 2 by adding an entry to their normal GRUB menu. Select "Yes" to place a Chainload option on the GRUB menu. When GRUB boots the next time, the user can select a normal GRUB entry or transfer control to GRUB 2 via the Chainload entry.
Starting out with a removal of GRUB might not be an ideal way to go.