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    i was wondering if i should install clamav on my system at all. i know viruses and malware and stuff are few and far between fir linux and unix systems, but should i go ahead and do just to be safe? also, i've heard there are some problems with it on 9.10. what do people think?

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    Re: ClamAV

    This has been discussed in some depth in this thread:

    Do you dual boot with windows and transfer a lot of data between your partitions? Do you send a lot of data from your computer to people who are running windows? If you don't, my personal opinion is that you do not need ClamAV.

    Have a great day, Eldera

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    Re: ClamAV

    Unless you are running a public server, it is not your responsibility to protect Windows users. If a person is running Windows and is not running the proper anti-virus software, then they deserve whatever they get.
    "When you dual-boot Windows, Windows exists along side of Linux. When you use VirtualBox, Windows exists at the pleasure of Linux." -- ThomasAaron @ System76

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