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Thread: How to: Xubuntu - Thunar Native Windows Network Browsing

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    Re: How to: Xubuntu - Thunar Native Windows Network Browsing

    Quote Originally Posted by foxy123 View Post
    I have recently updated to Jaunty and now use Gigolo to connect to network shares. It does not let you display available shares but using bookmarks makes life much easier.
    Having just gone through the whole setup of gigolo, I had a couple comments:

    Browsing the network
    Gigolo does allow you to browse the network. When I set it up, the network pane wasn't showing by default. Once I enabled it (view, side panel, then choose 'network' instead of 'bookmark') it was a better day.

    Mods to make Gigolo work
    Also, I went through the setup to add my user account, and setup gigolo to use thunar properly and it worked fine for me (instructions noted earlier in thread). The first time I tried it it worked. After a reboot or two, it stopped working. Later it was working. So ... I don't know. In the end I did create the shortcut.

    I did not set Giolo to "Use Unix based volume manager", and it works fine. I did copy this script, which is supposed to be for when Giolo accesses local file/folders, but I don't think I'll use Giolo for them (

    Accessing shares issue
    One of the important issues I had when accessing network shares was access - when accessing a NTFS folder on a linux box I had setup and shared via a samba share, even though I set that folder to be accessed with "guest" it didn't work. I needed to login with proper user credentials (put in the user name in Gigolo).

    Thunar problem
    Also - the mouse stopped working in Thunar. For the longest time I thought it had to due with the Gigolo setup, but it's not. There's a but in GTK apparently which causes Thunar to stop accepting mouse clicks in the main pane when: the view is 'detailed', and you double click an item. Just switch to a different view (icon or list). (

    Future for Xubuntu/XFCE and Gigolo
    Finally, I see Gigolo is being included in the 'goodies' package for xfce. I don't know if Xubuntu will take advantage of that, but it's there now for those that want it. (
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