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Thread: ubuntu refuses to install on thinkpad X201

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    ubuntu refuses to install on thinkpad X201

    I had at least gotten a mostly working setup via the 9.04 alternative install... I had a working system, except for one tiny problem: The system froze shortly 30 seconds after login, without fail.

    I looked around, and the issue apparently was with my graphics card on the X201.

    Here is the thinkwiki page for the laptop and the graphics card:

    I had been attempting to manually update the kernel to 2.6.33 using .debs I found online - no luck.

    I downloaded the Ubuntu 10.04 RC alt install CD... it installed fine, but when it starts up, it now just goes to a black screen.

    I am very desperate, I am very close to sending this laptop back to Lenovo, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get a working Ubuntu (or any other distro) install going on an X201, please share any details you can remember!
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