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Thread: change resolution in Serval to non-standard

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    change resolution in Serval to non-standard

    Hello; I have a System 76 Serval Professional Laptop:
    64 Bit, Karmic.

    The only resolution that seems to work (not be distorted) is the auto/native 1920x1200. My eyes are not good enough to keep using this. In NVIDIA X Server Settings, the smaller resolutions are all distorted; that is, for my screen, it should be 1400x900; but the option is 1400x1050.

    Could someone please help explain how to set the resolution to 1400x900?

    Many thanks

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    Re: change resolution in Serval to non-standard

    While I cannot answer your original question, I can suggest something to look into. Try increasing the DPI under Appearance preferences -> Fonts tab -> Details.


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