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Thread: Does The Starling Ship with a Backup disc?

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    Does The Starling Ship with a Backup disc?

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the Starling Netbook when it comes back in stock in June, but i do have a minor question like -

    Will it come with a Ubuntu "Netbook Remix" backup disc?

    This is a very important thing to me since I can not burn cd/dvd's and have had horrible luck with trying to burn disc in the past, and if something were to go wrong or the system just fails up in general than i would simply be screwed.. lol, I already checked the Ubuntu site for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix disc with no luck..

    If the Starling Netbook does not ship with a backup disc does anyone know of a place where i could buy the disc ?

    Thanks in advanced
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    Re: Does The Starling Ship with a Backup disc?

    I did not get a backup disk, but you can't use a traditional CD with the Starling as it doesn't have a CD drive (unless you purchase an external drive).

    I would recommend downloading an Ubuntu iso and "burning" it to a USB thumbdrive with Unetbootin ( Unetbootin is available in the Ubuntu repositories, so you can download the iso on your Starling and still "burn" it to a USB drive.

    You can get a UNR version that will "burn" properly with Unetbootin to a USB as well.

    If you want to get a disk, I'd recommend getting one from shipit service ( but this will take up to 10 weeks to get to your location as they're sent out when there are enough disks.

    There is no need to buy a disk; the only advantage is faster shipping (and they range from $3 to $10).

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    Re: Does The Starling Ship with a Backup disc?

    You can use the USB Start-up Disc Creator under "System" to create a USB copy of UNR.

    The instructions for how to deal with restoring the Starling are here:


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