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Thread: Configuring Samba permissions to emulate Netware

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    Post Configuring Samba permissions to emulate Netware

    I'm replacing an ancient Netware server with a new Ubuntu 8.04 box running samba and LDAP. I want to see if there's a way to get Samba to emulate the way permissions propagate through Netware. Namely, if I see a directory structure like this:

    [User Cant See]
    --- [User Cant See]
    ------- User Can Edit.txt
    ------- User CANT Edit.txt

    With Netware I can give permission to User to edit "User Can Edit.txt" and the permissions will propagate in reverse to allow User to see the two [User Cant See] directories and edit the text file. "User CANT Edit.txt" will still be invisible to User. This is very convenient as I can simply give user access to one file, they can navigate to it through the directory structure, and all files not explicitly given access to will still be invisible.

    With Samba the only way I've been seeing to get this would be to explicitly give User access to both [User Cant See] directories, give him access to the "User Can Edit.txt" and remove any access to "User CANT Edit.txt" and every other file in the latter two nested directories.

    I think I'm just missing something. Any way to get this to work like Netware?
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