hello all. I've been using Ubuntu since earlier this year, so far I like it. I'm an old Amiga enthusiast, still pushing an A1200T (pics in album) as my primary computer. Though for school, I needed something a bit more modern, so I got a netbook with Win7 Starter installed. I pretty much immediatly dumped ubuntu on an SD card (not the netbook version, don't like the desktop it has), shrank the win partition, added another ntfs, and a fat32, as well as ext4 for ubuntu, and 2 more for solaris and aros. (Last 2 I never did get working). So now I have WinXP, Win7, FreeDOS, and Ubuntu on one system. (Need 7 and XP for school, use Ubuntu because neither XP or 7 impress me much) AROS doesn't like AHCI, and Solaris insists on being on a primary partition, so I have 2 empties on there.
So far I like it, just seems to lag behind the adobe browser stuff a bit, but nothing thats a big deal. (WTF is Adobe Air, anyway? Shockwave would be nice, but still run windows for that)
Anyway, OpenOffice seems to work fine for homework, despite myriad request for e-mailed docs in MS works (which I sometimes send as a PDF instead, just to mess with ppl), firefox works with most sites, and pidgin does all I need it to. With one client. Seems to work better than the win version, though that could just be me.