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    Re: How do you store your DVD's

    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb View Post
    I store them in proper cases.

    When properly inserted in the case, absolutely nothing is in contact with the data area of the disk.

    If you use a sleeve, the disk is sliding in and out of a sleeve, with lots of contact to the data area.

    It doesn't take special degrees to figure out which one is safer. One little piece of grit makes it's way into a sleeve, and the disc is ruined.

    As far as I'm concerned, anybody who says it's safer to store DVD's in sleeves than in proper cases had to have gotten the idea, directly or indirectly, from somebody selling sleeves.

    Now, IMO, the very best way to store your DVDs is to rip them, store the movies on your hard drive, and only pull the actual discs out of the case when you want to watch the bonus features.
    +1 to that. We tried the sleeve thing several years ago. We ended up with a bunch of useless scratched disks. DVD's seem to me more sensitive to scratches and skipping than audio CD's... So, we dug out all the old cases, at leas the ones we could find and stuck them back in there.

    I'm tyring to train my family (mostly the kids) that when a dvd comes out of the player it goes RIGHT BACK IN THE CASE! Even before the new disk goes in the DVD player. And hte case sits on top of the dvd player while you watch your show. There's no excuse for lost cases or disks in the wrong case... ever! 40 - 1 lashes!!!! J/k on that last part though- but loose disks (wii included) is a real pet pieve of mine...

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