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I noticed that in Debian testing the firefox version is still 3.5 (also in sid) but in Ubuntu 9.10 the version is 3.6.3 if you install from launchpad repos. Is there a reason to keep this older version or are developers just busy?

This really makes no sense to me as I was thinking to change from Ubuntu to Debian only for more recent versions of software and this doesn't seem very "rolling" to me. Also I want to install sofware from repos, not to lurk billion web pages for newer .debs.
Debian has more of an emphasis on stability than Ubuntu; contrary to popular belief, packages are tested before they go into Sid and it isn't really a "bleeding edge" distro at all. Many packages in Ubuntu are newer than even the "unstable" branch of Debian (I consider this a bad thing; Ubuntu is somewhat notorious for rushing buggy software into "stable" releases).

Sid is currently in a fairly stable state; a lot of big changes (Iceweasel 3.6 and KDE 4.4 come to mind) are being held back because the Debian team is focused on then next stable release (Squeeze). Once Squeeze comes out later this year, there will be a big flood of new packages into Sid and eventually Testing, and things will be pretty exciting for a while.

Are you sure you really need a "rolling release"? In my experience, many users who think they need rolling release really just want a stable distro with the newest Firefox, OpenOffice, etc. (which is really easy to achieve with any distro).