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Thread: Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 AMD Athlon™ Neo X2-some questions

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    Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 AMD Athlon™ Neo X2-some questions

    just thinking to replace my dell mini 10v with this lenovo:

    Have some questions though, so if anyone has this amd cpu modell, would be nice to have some response here (i posted similar questions here, but, as i am planning to take specific model, maybe is better to open new thread):

    1) Is it really (amd processor) capable to be used as main computer (+ external dvd drive)?
    2) Should i buy it if i intend to use ubuntu linux as main system?
    3) How high is fan/noise level? (i use dell mini10v-fanless, and macbook white - has no disturbing noise leve). Does ubuntu set cpu frequeency down in idle? (i read somewhere that is some option in win 7 turned off-so that cpu is always at 1500 MHz.
    4) and what is battery life with amd...

    I would be gratefull if someone writes a little review here-i am interseted only in amd and linux on it....

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