I'm having trouble with my splash screen, well actually the lack of splash screen (on both boot and shut down).Heres what ive done so far:

  1. I downloaded the "UsplashFingerprint-0.2-Aplha1-I386" from gnome-look
  2. I then followed the instructions in the readme file (after extraction)

I did everything it said, checked out more instructions tried changing all the vga=*number* things etc. and now im stuck, also Ive tried using start up manager etc but it doesnt change anything.

When i try doing it manually (i.e through terminal) i finish the tutorial on how to do it and type "sudo usplash -c" ( im still in my desktop directory does that matter?) and this message appears:
usplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument
usplash: No usable theme found for 1280x1024
screen init failed

Even though ive change the grub menu thing to vga=791
Help please thanks