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Thread: A fine mess... Partition help.

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    A fine mess... Partition help.

    While I am using Lucid, I feel this is a problem with partitioning and not a development issue. Therefore I am posting here.

    I decided to try and clean up the partitions on my drive as I got a low space warning while upgrading. After monkeying around for a while I have discovered I haven't a clue how to move partitions around! I have read a number of tutorials, but seem to have hit the wall. I want to consolidate the unused portions and allocate them to sda7, and perhaps eliminate one of the two swap files. I have attached a pic of my drive in gparted. sda1 is XP, sda5 is my development test bed (Lucid Lynx beta 2) and sda7 is my "working" ubuntu partition. I know how to resize the partitions, but haven't the foggiest how to move them... As I said, I want to consolidate and allocate the unused portions to sda7, and perhaps end up with one swap file. So left to right would be sda1 (xp) sda7 (Future Lucid release) and sda5 (development test bed) then the swap file at the end?

    I hope I haven't messed things up too bad...

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