This is very annoying. I have so much trouble getting my PS3 to take Ubuntu. First Sony is taking out support for other_os with firmware update 3.21, but I manage to take a workaround. Second, I wanted to set my display right, so I followed a tutorial, but it was out of date (I used 9.10). So instead of looking for an other tutorial (there is none), I decided to downgrade to Jaunty 9.04. I had installed 9.10 on my normal TV, and then brought it to my HD TV. Then, I installed Jaunty on my HD TV, now, when I bring it back to my normal TV, there is this constant flickering. The page constantly goes down the screen like if it was a water fall, and reappears at the top of the screen like if it was in pacman. It does that at a rate of about five cycles per second (5 Hz).

I know other_os support was disbanded 5 days ago, but I really need to get this working (so I can play Super Mario 64 on my TV with a PS3 controller )

Thanks to any replies!