Currently when I attempt to change my screens refresh frequency throught x-servers "server display configuration" menu it's stuck at 60hz and won't allow me to change it to any thing except auto. I'm trying to move it up to at least 75hz.

A few weeks ago I tried following one of the guides to change the frequency by editing the xconfig file. I restarted. Ubuntu would not start. And tried reverting to the backup config file I made with the command line with no luck. So I ended up installing a second partition and transferring files over. Pain in the ***.

With that being the case, I don't think I possess a great enough understanding of working with xserver configuration files. Is there a way I can change screen frequency visually or in a safe proof way?

I would be greatly appriciatve if any of you could fill me in. As of yet I've only found tutorials telling how to edit the xconfig file.