I've searched for answers in google, but get not i wanted. I wanted to prepare bootable iso from usb under Ubuntu. Fine, there's UNetBootin, dd if= of= command etc. But I am concerned and the specific type of iso images booting - AntiVirus rescue cd's.

Using UNetBootin i could only prepare thumb drive to boot Dr. Web Rescue CD, but neither Kaspersky Rescue Disk nor F-Secure Rescue CD couldn't be preapred well (NOTE that my BIOS can boot livecd from usb drive!). Using dd if= of= command also didn't worked, cause prepared thumb couldn't boot - get errors: "Missing operating system" or "Could not find kernel image: linux". Is it that i must install grub/lilo or syslinux on thumb, then edit .cfg file and then copy image, or what? I'm concerned only on AV Rescue Disk's, like: Kaspersky, F-Secure, GData Boot CD, BitDefender Rescue Disk etc. I've booted (and it worked) Symantec boot cd but it's based on WinPE and i had prepared thumb under Windows 7, so it's a completely different story.

I have Bootable USB Drive Assistant in my Ubuntu 9.04 but when i try to choose some of those cd's, i get error that "It isn't installable CD image, so application can't use it" or something like that. What application do i have to use then?

Thanks for help