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Thread: Converting .ISO to .AVI with Acidrip.End file too small

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    Converting .ISO to .AVI with Acidrip.End file too small

    Hey all,

    I have an ISO I want to convert to .avi to play on multimedia HDD.
    I'm using AcidRip to convert to .avi, but my resulting file size is always around 240MB rather than 700 I'd prefer.
    I've never used AcidRip before but I've played arounf and always get the same result.
    I'm trying XVID as codec. and setting Scale to 800x640. i don't know what a lot of the setting do.
    Any ideas?
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    Re: Converting .ISO to .AVI with Acidrip.End file too small

    I have always had good success with a program called 'Handbrake', for my video encoding needs. You can rip movies from DVD disc or .iso to MP4, OGM, AVI, etc.. without much trouble. Under the video tab, you can either choose the desired bitrate, file output size, or file quality. The best part is you don't need to use g-mount or anything similar to mount the .iso; you can select it directly by using the source button. It can also do 2-pass or single pass encoding. An all around great piece of software.

    You can download a .deb package from the Handbrake website. I can't remember the link but a quick google search will lead you straight to it. It can also be installed from the repositories.

    I know this doesn't actually answer your question about how to accomplish this with Acidrip, but I have never been able to accomplish this task with that application. For me, Handbrake is very easy to use, and is actually quite fast if you have libcss-2 installed.

    Best of back and let me know how you get on.
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