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Thread: HDMI/VGA use?

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    HDMI/VGA use?

    Quick question,
    I recently received a neat-o 35' TV, and I noticed that it has a VGA and HDMI input.
    I own a daru2, which also has both. I am however, hesitant to hookup such a small computer to such a big screen. I thought (with an unknown amount of validity) that it might be too taxing on the system/graphics. My only intended use would be to watch a movie or something in the evening on the bigger screen, but I thought I would research this possible solution, for giggles if nothing else. So I guess I'm asking a few things:
    Has anyone has tried something similar?
    Would it be too taxing on the computer? (over heating, etc)

    Note: I would prefer to use HDMI, as it has sound, but I am not picky.

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    Re: HDMI/VGA use?

    I use my Gazelle Ultra with a 40" TV at 1080p over VGA and it works fine. The size of the TV doesn't matter, it's the resolution. You can output at a lower resolution if the TV's native resolution is too much for your computer.


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