I suppose the title says it all. I've mentioned the fact in other threads, but I thought it pertinent here.

Mom's hooked on 5.10 and hasn't used Windows in months. Does all her Amazon.com sales, e-mails, printing, letter-writing, Web surfing, Shoutcast ... you name it.

It might also bear mentioning that she hasn't the least technical inclination. She couldn't start up a terminal if she had to, and thinks .deb is a file specially made for someone named Debbie (that was just her idea of a joke, of course).

The corollary to that is that I'm tech support for her, but it's a role I'm willing to play. She's thrilled with using her computer without relying on MS, without fear of viruses or the need for spyware scanners, and I get the experience of troubleshooting her machine for her.

I'm trying to sell her on an upgrade come June, because 6.06 looks promising. We'll see how that goes. For now though, she's a rabid Breezy fan.

So the next time someone tells you Linux isn't ready for the casual user ... point them at this thread.