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Thread: Sound missing in Karmic, works in LiveCD

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    Sound missing in Karmic, works in LiveCD

    I have a Pangolin Performance (panp4i) that had working sound in Intrepid. I upgraded to Karmic, and while sound worked fine in the LiveCD, it no longer works in my installed version. Unfortunately, I do not recall if it ever worked after installation.

    I have attached some diagnostic screenshots and command line dumps in a tgz file. It contains two folders:

    • current diagnostics
    • liveCD diagnostics

    Each contains these files:

    • gnovolman hardware.png
    • gnovolman input.png
    • gnovolman output.png
    • lsmod.txt
    • lspci.txt
    • packages.lst

    The screenshots are of gnome-volume-manager. You can see that the LiveCD version has devices listed, but the current version is empty or has a dummy entry.

    There is also a file called "package.lst.diff" that contains the diff of the sorted respective packages.lst files.

    I would be grateful for any assistance in this matter, as I currently have absolutely zero audio capability.
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