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Thread: Apache2 prompt to download application x-trash

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    Apache2 prompt to download application x-trash

    Okay, I'm experiencing the same problem as described in a very old post listed below and I'm not able to post in the ancient read-only forum.
    Is there a fix for this? I've googled, googled and searched forums.

    I use Firefox and i browse to my
    and it prompts to dload a application/x-trash file.

    if i Firfox and browse to my
    it works fine.

    if i use IE and browse to
    it works just fine.

    there where two files in the lists folder:
    index.php and index.html

    I think it might of occurred when i renamed the index.html to index.old I tried to put everything back the way it was but no luck.

    Can anyone help out?

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    Re: Apache2 is sending deleted files as mimetype application/x-trash
    OK... I spent ages trying to figure it out, the problem only exists for mozilla based browsers (I hate to say it but IE is not affected) but I have found out where the MIME types is found and controlled from... /etc/mime.types in there is where it points to .old .bak etcetera, thinking that this may be the cause i just changed the types to html php... bingo no file trying to be downloaded, but also no page being found at all... so weird. So if you type the whole address or php it loads the page no problem but if you just try to load the root it can't find the file... so who is being to tricky? Firefox or Apache? Please enlighten him ^ me the rest of the world if you have found a solution.

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    Re: Apache2 prompt to download application x-trash

    I just experienced the same problem. After deleting an index.html~ file which is created when I edit files with gedit AND deleting my old backup index.html.bak everything worked as expected again.


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