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Ok, so I have:

tar --one-file-system -cvpzf /media/share_/UbuntuBackup`date +%F`.tgz --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/media --exclude=/mnt /
Look good? Any other suggestions or recommendations?
I'd put a dash between UbuntuBackup and the date so the names are easier to read. You don't need to exclude lost+found either since it should never have anything in it anyhow, and --one-file-system takes care of excluding any other drives you may have mounted in /media or /mnt so no need to explicitly exclude those either. I also assume /media/share_ is another machine on the network or a removable disk or something.

If you plan on making regular backups you might want to make use of incremental backups so that only the files that changed need to be backed up every day, then do a full backup once a week.