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Thread: How To: Install OpenOffice 3.2

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    Re: How To: Install OpenOffice 3.2

    I got OpenOffice 3.2 installed, thanks to instructions found here:

    The 3.2 apps are definitely installed. For instance, I can right-click on a text file, choose "Open with other application..." and all the OpenOffice 3.2 apps are in the list.

    However, none of the OpenOffice apps appear in the Applications->Office menu. Is there an easy way to make the shortcuts appear there? I suppose I could put them there manually, but that's tedious. Also, I have no idea what the executables for Writer, etc. are called, or where their icons are stored, so I couldn't do it that way if I wanted to.

    All the icons appeared in the Applications->Office menu after a reboot. I'm so used to NOT having to reboot for stuff to work, that I assumed I would see the icons appear right away.

    There is apparently some process that runs at startup, to update the panel menus with any newly-installed applications. Is there some way to invoke that process manually? I am a huge fan of Ubuntu's general lack of need to restart.
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