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Thread: starling with 9.04 offline--can use older kernal -NOW?

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    starling with 9.04 offline--can use older kernal -NOW?

    Hello! This was my original post on the absolute beginner forum:Hello

    I have a starling netbook which I love and has worked great. Until my husband decided to click on the upgrades. Now I cant get on the internet. Not only does it not see wireless, but when I plug the modem into the netbook directly, It says I am offline. Do you think it is something about the upgrades ? I'm sure he didn't look through to see what all he was upgrading. Where should I start? (my husband tried to fix it--he is a Linux user and a programer but now he had to go on a trip). Thanks.

    So I followed some helpful advice and looked at the boot screen(I'm probably not using the correct terms) It looks like it is still running 9.04, and if I boot to an older kernal, my wireless works just fine. So I would like to not have to boot to an older kernal each time.When I go to the new kernal, I cant bring up wlan0 (as directed y friendly person on the absolute beginner forum) The out put says there is an error, that no such device exists.
    Should I just upgrade to 9.10? Install the new driver? (I got this starling in late Dec.)


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    Re: starling with 9.04 offline--can use older kernal -NOW?

    Several of us ran into this recently. Here's a thread with a solution:

    Basically, you get a wired connection, update, safe-upgrade, run the System76 driver, and reboot, and you'll probably be OK.


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