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Hum, I am getting an unbearable problem with the new version of AlenFXLight.

When I set one thing to be Blue. Then one thing read. Then one thing blue agin. Then I select a new color everything that is that Blue color will get it's color changed too.

Dose my explanation make sens?

Big problem. I am not even using 0.3 anymore. I have to use the 0.2 version.
Im not sure I follow, but you actually might be talking about a feature I put in. The "Color Used panels" can be used in 2 different ways. Right clicking on a color which choose that color as the currently selected color. Left clicking on the button will make every instance of that color change to the selected one. This allows for quick color swapping.

If this is not your problem, can you explain a little more? Can you maybe make a screenshot or two?