Hi all,
I hope someone can help with this, I'm running ubuntu 9.10 x_64 version, geforce 8600GT card.
Installed nexuiz from the repo's and downloaded the map pack from the Nexuiz site.
I can play single player no probs, I can create a server and play against bots no problem but when I try and join any multiplayer internet game everything seems to be loading fine, the screen goes to the text console and I see it load everything like maps, wav sound files, sometimes it downloads a map if I don't have it, then the last info line at the bottom of the screen says 'downloading csprogs.dat' first it says 0% then after a few seconds says 100% and then nothing happens, meanwhile I can see the chat from within the game and the frags rolling up the screen,

anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong?