For the first time, it seems google is failing me. I've been searching everywhere for this tool called reimp.exe, to convert .lib to .a files that works with g++ compiler. First of all, it should come with the ide called dev-cpp, but it wasn't there. Then I checked the mingw site, and it said that it should come with mingw. So I downloaded and installed, but couldn't find it there ether. So I searched for it on the site, and found this:
There is a link on that site that leads right to the reimp.exe file! Well.. thats good, if the link worked ..

So, to get to the point.. I was hoping if someone here is kind enough to upload this file for me, so I could download it! If someone on a linux forum got this exe file that is.. I don't even know why I'm asking for an exe file on a linux forum.. lol..

But, if someone got it, I would be really happy! and it would help me a lot!
Thanks in advance!