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Thread: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Comparison and problem

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    Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Comparison and problem

    I just purchased a web camera this past weekend to replace an aging webcam that was no longer working with flash sites like and The old camera did work with Cheese, but not the flash sites. From reading this was because it was an older v4l camera (non-uvc) and not a v4l2 (uvc)

    The camera I chose due reading several people reporting having good luck is the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema (comparison posted to YouTube -

    This camera works on and, but fails on other sites like YouTube's video response. Yes, I have tried to add the entries for these sites in the Flash Security Settings Manager... but the sites still just lock Firefox up.

    If anyone can assist me with the flash issue I would be most happy; even if you can tell me that a Logitech C600 (or some other camera works) or perhaps you can just tell me its Flash related and not an issue with the camera.

    For those thinking of getting the camera - I hope the link posted above helps give you a comparison of the quality.


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    Re: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Comparison and problem

    get and try ( opera ) or try it with (epiphany web browser)look in Internet
    i had some luck with them
    flash 10 is not playing nice lately
    hope this helps


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