Well, the title says it all. I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on a Lenovo S9e (little netbook) and it will randomly go to sleep. I am running the same build on an entire lab full of computers with no such problems, so I don't think it's the OS alone.

My first thoughts were that it was some form of heat detection. The logic wasn't sound, as a BIOS temperature sensor would shut down the computer, not put it to sleep. Either way, I checked, and there's no way for me to adjust temperature sensor shutdown in the BIOS anyways, so whatever that's set at, I am stuck.

On top of that, I started using a cooling pad, which I thought stopped the problem, and then it happened again, and the computer wasn't even hot to the touch, like it can get. So I think heat it out.

Which leaves me stumped. I can never replicate the problem, hence the randomness. Is there some bizarre Ubuntu setting I am missing about putting computers to sleep?