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Thread: Japanese TTS in Ubuntu?

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    Japanese TTS in Ubuntu?

    I just installed Ubuntu recently and on Windows I had been using a text to speech thing. I want it to be able to read from the clipboard and also of course read Japanese characters.

    I tried using the same program that I had used in Windows in Wine, but it didn't have the right encoding or something (came up with boxes). I have the voice, and using it's interface (SAPI5 ?) it can read stuff, but because of encoding problems it can't read any japanese, and SAPI5 also doesn't read from the clipboard.

    I'm a noob, please help!

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    Re: Japanese TTS in Ubuntu?

    Try installing msttcorefonts. This should give you the japanese fonts needed by the program. I'm also interested in trying something similar so I'll look around for a way.

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