My 1st and only grandson turned 1 year old and we have taken about 1 million pics of him.
I wanted to make a video from pictures taken in the past year. The first one is an ultra sound picture.
The last one was taken this last Saturday. I have 153 12 MPixel pictures in a folder.
They are named C001.jpg - C153.jpg (I can rename them if needed).

Does anyone have experience doing this? I had noticed mencoder or ffmpeg can create movies from jpegs.
But, I didn't think about the frames per second. Would I need to make like 20 copies of each picture and then
make it like 10 FPS? or something like that? Optimally, I would like to have a video where each picture lasts for
8-10 seconds or so and I would be able to add a song as audio. (I think I know how to use mencoder to add the audio).

Your help will be very much appreciated and I will take notes and learn from this!
It's painful to have to ask twice for the same help!

Thanks in advance!