Good day!
We're on dial-up at home. Using our laptop, I can go into town and find some broadband.

At home we have two desktop PC's. One running Jaunty and Handbrake .9.3, one running Karmic and HB .9.4. I'm getting what appears to be the same errors on both PC's when using Handbrake on a DVD. HB's activity log says that libdvdread was unable to read disc, or something like that, then I get hundreds of dvdnav errors. CPU usage shoots to 99%.

Then HB either disappears, or hangs, until I quit the application. Karmic actually finished a scan on one DVD but all it picked up were the previews and extras, not the main title.

On both PC's, Synaptic says libdvdread4 and dvdnav are installed.

On the Karmic PC I've managed to install "restricted-extras". Not on the Jaunty PC. I'd try installing Medibuntu but that looks like a nightmare on dial-up or via some sort of offline transfer. If I have to, I can load the desktop PC's into the car and mooch some broadband from my step-mother-in-law

Anyone have any thoughts on what's missing?