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So, ff 3.5.7 made it into the karmic repo today. that makes 3 days since mozilla release.

Well, not too bad - before, it used to be at least a week.
I think you may have missed Post 26#

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 out 6th. Available in ubuntu-mozilla-security Same Day!

firefox-3.0 3.0.17+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 Alexander Sack (2010-01-06)
firefox-3.0 3.0.17+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.1 Alexander Sack (2010-01-06)
firefox-3.0 3.0.17+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.1 Alexander Sack (2010-01-06)

firefox-3.5 3.5.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 Alexander Sack (2010-01-06)
firefox-3.5 3.5.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.10.1 Alexander Sack (2010-01-06)
firefox-3.5 3.5.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 Alexander Sack (2010-01-06)
And my updated help:

Latest Firefox Packages

  • If you want to have them earlier, enable ubuntu-mozilla-security PPA where the bits will land first. Enabling this PPA also will help us test security updates before they get rolled to the masses in future; so if you don’t mind a slightly increased risk of breakage keep this enabled; in the unlikely event that you see a regression from this archive, instantly report them to the ubuntu mozillateam.
This is the Holy Grail for a user who just wants the updates immediately.

You just add the security ppa once and forget about it